Beatriz Bicalho

Understanding concentration changes to the chemical elements in the environment and disclosing the chemical structures in which the elements are combined help us identify and rate how anthropogenic pressures contribute for changing the natural chemistry of the landscape.

With Northern Alberta as background, where environmental changes due to the oil sands activities is concerning, the research aim of Dr. Beatriz Bicalho is measuring and understanding the spatial and temporal variation of certain elements, like Vanadium and Nickel, which are typically enriched in the natural oil sands as organometallic complexes.

In addition to the SWAMP Clean Lab ICP-MS facilities, various mass spectrometry resources are used in Beatriz's research thanks to collaborators like Dr. Jon Martin, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, and his Associate Researcher Dr. Pereira, and like Dr. Richard Fahlman, Institute of Biomolecular Design. They bring on board an ultrahigh resolution orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer (Thermo), which is used for in depth research of chemical complexity and molecular assignment, and a LC-MS/MS for the selective quantification of targets.