Current Members

Prof. Bill Shotyk - Bocock Chair for Agriculture and the Environment

Dr. Fiorella Barraza Costelo - Postdoctoral Fellow

Fiorella Barraza Castelo

Na Chen - PhD Candidate

Na Chen

Melissa Dergousoff - MSc Candidate

Carla Germani - MSc Candidate




Iain Grant-Weaver - Lab Technician




Andrew Nagel - PhD Candidate




Andrii Oleksandrenko - PhD Candidate

Andrii Oleksandrenko




Yu (Swain) Wang - PhD Candidate

Taylor Bujaczek - Field and Lab Technician


Sunny Choi - PhD Candidate

Sunny Choi

Dr. Lina Du - Postdoctoral Fellow




Marjan Ghotbizadeh - MSc Candidate

Dr. Muhammad Javed (Babar) - Lab Technician

Tommy Noernberg - Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Dr. Lei Pei - Lab Technician

Dr. Lei Pei

Sundas Butt - PhD Candidate

Sundas Butt

Dr. Chad Cuss - Research Associate

Tracy Gartner - Project Manager

Ron Goyhman - MSc Candidate

Dulani Kandage - MSc Candidate

Lukas Frost - PhD Candidate

Lukas Frost

Jinping (Bruce) Xue - MSc Candidate