Dr. Chad W. Cuss, Research Associate

As a Research Associate with the SWAMP lab team, Dr. Cuss oversees lab activities and coordinates research and monitoring activities for the Athabasca River, Lake Miwasin, and Treatment Wetland projects.

As an Analytical Nanogeochemist, Dr. Cuss’ research focuses on developing and applying analytical and statistical methods to improve our understanding of environmental processes and nanogeochemistry. Areas of analytical expertise include: field-flow fractionation, ICP-MS, UV-Visible and fluorescence spectroscopy, trace analysis, and coupled analytical methods (e.g. AF4-UV-ICPMS). Areas of statistical expertise include: fundamentals and philosophy of statistics, chemometrics, machine learning, multivariate statistics, optimization, self-organizing maps, and parallel factor analysis. Areas of environmental expertise include: boreal river systems, dissolved organic matter, properties and dynamics of colloidal systems, trace elements, nanominerals, and mineral nanoparticles. Chad’s other academic interests are broad, but the constellation of his curiosities revolves around: Complex Systems Science, the Sociology and Psychology of Education, Leadership, and the Philosophy of Science.

Dr. Cuss received the President’s Medal for the most significant contribution to his field of research for a PhD student in the sciences at Trent University, and produced a record sixteen scientific journal articles and book chapters from this work. During snippets of spare time, Chad enjoys: supporting the wild bird population of McKernan-Belgravia, serving his cat Mr. Milkers, working out in the gym, and hiking in Alberta’s mountains and forests.