Judy Schultz, Research Technician

As a Research Technician for the SWAMP lab, I will be developing specialized methods for separating out mineral grains and small particles down to 0.5um and then characterizing those mineral grains and small particles.

I bring 11.5 years experience of separating mineral samples from all over the world. I worked in the Earth Sciences at the University of Alberta for Dr. Larry Heaman in Geochronology labs analyzing trace elements. I modified and improved mineral separation methods and then used those methods on small complex samples, increasing the success of extracting challenging grains down to 10um. Most mineral grains I worked on were between 200um-10um.

I bring 5 years experience working as an exploration field geologist, exploring for glacial surficial sand and gravel deposits within Alberta and into Saskatchewan for 2 industrial aggregate mining companies. I also worked as a mine site lab QC/QA technician on production piles and stock piles.

I have a BSc. in Earth Sciences from the University of Alberta, Professional Geologist Licence from APEGA, and a C.E.T. certificate in applied sciences from ASET.

In my spare time, I enjoy activities like crafts, staying fit, and spending time with my 3 grandkids.