Tommy Noernberg, Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Tommy is responsible for dedicated support of the SWAMP lab and management of a new gamma spectrometry facility; management of the facility includes assisting in the layout and design of the new lab facility, acquiring and installing the instruments, maintaining and operating the equipment, and training and supervising lab users (academic staff, technicians, graduate students and visiting scientists).

Additional activities include the design and construction of a broad range of specialized equipment for field and lab experiments, including coring and related sampling equipment for field work, as well as specialized, purpose-built, unique equipment for the lab. Tommy also assists scientists with research projects through active collaboration, providing innovative equipment solutions involving original design, fabrication and machining.

Tommy is also responsible for the mechanical and technical supervision of field studies, including the safe operation and maintenance of all relevant equipment; this includes sample collection and instrumentation of remote sites, including the Arctic, organizing all the equipment needed, all aspects of transportation and logistics, setting up camp, maintaining all the equipment used in field studies, ensuring the purity and integrity of samples, supervising students in their field work and at all times ensuring the safety of staff and students.