Dulani Kandage, MSc Candidate

Dulani is a first year MSc candidate in the SWAMP lab who is working under the Lake Miwasin project. Her research investigates the influence of concentration and speciation of trace elements in soil solution on plant uptake by Foxtail Barley (Hordeum Jabatum). Dulani will conduct a greenhouse experiment inside clean air cabinets to prevent the exposure of plants to dust in order to assess the transferring of elements from soil solution to plants. Also, she will determine the contribution of atmospheric deposition of trace elements towards bulk plant composition by comparing the results obtained by analyzing Foxtail Barley grown under controlled conditions with the Foxtail Barley growing at Miwasin site. Moreover, by using soils from different locations across the Miwasin site she is planning to identify the variation of trace element uptake by Foxtail Barley over the landscape of Lake Miwasin site.

Dulani obtained her BSc degree in Agricultural Technology and Management from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka under the first class honors division in 2018. In there she was majored in Soil and Environment module and received Prof. F.S.C.P. Kalapage gold medal for academic excellence in Soil Science. In her spare time, Dulani enjoys traveling and watching movies and TV series.