Pamela Wescott, MSc Candidate

Thesis title: The bioaccessibility and ecological significance of trace metals in suspended particles from the Lower Athabasca River

Pamela is an MSc candidate whose research includes an experimental study to assess the release of trace elements from suspended particles collected from the Lower Athabasca River using simulated gastric fluid. Trace metal concentrations in gastric fluid as well as the suspended particles will be analyzed in the SWAMP laboratory. The results will be used to compare the bioaccessibility of individual trace metals in suspended particles and to estimate their ecological significance to aquatic organisms.

Pamela received her Bachelor of Science specializing in Geology from the University of Alberta in 2014. Since 2014, she has worked as an Environmental Geoscientist focused on the remediation and reclamation of contaminated soil, sediment, groundwater, and surface water.